Tips for potting plants
Houseplants can be potted all year round. Before potting outdoor plants, wait until the end of April/beginning of May. Then the chance of night frost is smallest. Both your plant and your pot can no longer freeze. What should you pay attention to when potting plants? Including the right potting soil and hydro granules.

Good drainage
Right size pot
Correct potting soil

Good drainage with hydro granules
Good drainage can be achieved by spreading a layer of hydro granules at the bottom of the pot. Hydro granules are baked clay granules that can absorb water. This prevents your plant roots from rotting due to too much water. Hydro granules absorb water and also ensure that your potting soil does not dry out quickly. You mainly use hydro granules for pots without a hole. So you will usually use them for houseplants. If you have a nice outer pot without a drainage hole, use hydro granules as well.