flower wreath
I’ll be looking for this new little hydrangea soon. I understand that the branches are also beautiful for flower wreaths. The branches can be beautifully incorporated into all kinds of beautiful flower decorations, including bridal bouquets.
Due to the full branches, the plant can also be used in pots on a terrace or balcony.
And like several hydrangeas, you can also put these indoors as a houseplant.

little buddy
This hydrangea does not grow tall, max. about 60 cm. high, but only after 5 years, in contrast to the usual hydrangeas, which can grow to several meters high. You will find wonderful examples of this in Clingendael. So this is the perfect plant, especially for smaller gardens.

For “Runaway Bride” find a spot in the sun or shade. Preferably, if you have one, a spot in partial shade.

Plant food is the key word for many flowers. This applies not only to hydrangeas, but to all flowering plants in your garden. I opt for organic fertilizers in granular form. This is easy to sprinkle around the plant and the granules work for up to 3 months.
Also read my blog post “Fertilising the garden – why, how and when“.

Further care is as usual with hydrangeas, regular watering. When planting in pots, make sure that the pot does not dry out. Plant them in a good quality potting soil and provide pebbles or hydro grains at the bottom of the pot. And of course make sure there are holes in the pot so that the roots cannot drown. Two identical pots with this white hydrangea at your front door will decorate your front garden nicely.