The Ilex Crenata also goes by the name of the Japanese Holly. This hedge plant is winter hard, an evergreen hedge plant and is also resistant to the boxwoord moth and the boxwood caterpillar.

The Ilex Crenata  is a dense and compact hedge that originates from Japan. It has small, dark green leaves which are similar in appearance to boxwood leaves. The Ilex Crenata is a fast-growing hedge plant and can reach up to 3.5m in height.

This hedge plant is ideal for topiary and can be trimmed into any shape or size. It can also be used as a privacy hedge or windbreak. The Ilex Crenata is salt tolerant and drought tolerant once it is established. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil.

Types of Ilex Crenata:

  • Ilex Crenata Dark Green is a small evergreen densely branched shrub. It has oval leaves that start green but will slowly turn dark green.
  • Ilex Crenata Convexa is best planted as a lower hedge. It is a nice, classic and compact hedge due to their density.
  • Ilex Crenata Green hedge has small and shiny leaves.
  • Ilex Crenata Blondie is distinguished by its beautiful golden yellow glow.
  • Ilex Crenata Caroline Upright is small and compact, it attracts butterflies and bees
  • Ilex Maximowicziana Kanehirae grows quick and can withstand temperatures well below zero and still remains beautifully green.

When is the best time to plant the Ilex Crenata?

The Japanese Holly is best planted when it is planted between September and May. It must never be planted when it is freezing outside.