The Yew is an ornamental evergreen hedge plant widely grown in Europe and Asia. All parts of the plant, including the branches and berries, contain alkaloids which are poisonous to both humans and animals. It is is strong combination with its long life span.

Which species of Yew are there?

There are many different species of Yew. But the have all one thing in common and that is, they all make beautiful hedges. The three most well known species of the Yew hedge plant:

The Taxus Baccata. Alsno known as the English Yew. The English Yew is the most popular. This species is grown in Europe, but extends to Africa and Asia. It is an evergreen plant and has a classic and luxe appearance. It can also survive cold winters. Although this plant grows slowly, you can prune it with ease.

Taxus Baccata David. The slow growing plant has tightly packed branches which grow upright, forming a neat column. It is perfect for hedges, screening of foundation plantings, as the plant is known for its toughness, tolerance to shearing and adaptability.

Taxus Media Hicksii and Media Hillii. The difference between these to plants is that the Hicksii is female and Hillii is male. This means that the Hillii doesn’t produce berries.