The allium is a real attention grabber. Officially it is a flower bulb, but if you leave them alone they will come up again next year. I therefore consider them more as a perennial perennial. A beautiful static plant. When the tulips have almost finished flowering, the Allium starts to bloom. And this one goes on for a long, long time.

Allium bulbs in the border
Alliums are beautiful as solitary, but also beautiful in a varied border. Try a combination with dark purple or light green heuchera. The allium bulbs stand out nicely. They give color to your garden early in the year and they do not work for you. Even after flowering, the flowers are very decorative as round balls until winter.

They are also decorative in the vase, although some consider this a waste of the border.


White – lilac – dark purple
They are available in diff. colors: lilac, dark purple and white. You see the purple the most.

You can buy this bulbous plant at various garden centers or online. Alliums are available in several colors, but also in various. size. Take a look at the range and choose something that suits your garden. Plant them in the fall (November, December). In the spring you can already enjoy the beautiful flowers.

Allium plants are also beautiful in pots on your balcony or terrace. Make a garden bouquet with flowers from your garden. They give volume and color to your bouquet.

Always beautiful when they open.